EXO’s “EXO Planet #2: EXO’luxion” concert in Los Angeles


On February 14th, 2016, the boys of EXO came to Los Angeles to perform a concert for the EXO-L at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The boys have done a show there before at KCON 2013. This marks their first concert there as the sole act which has the spotlight on them. Having this concert on Valentine’s Day ensured that every girl would have all EXO members as their Valentine.

Of course, they performed all their hits and more. They did their b-side songs that every fan had grown to love. The only notable songs they didn’t perform happen to be “Wolf” and “Lightsaber” which disappointed me. They also opted not to perform their Chinese songs as most of the Chinese members were no longer part of the stable. On the bright side, they performed hit after hit like “Mama”, “Growl”, “Miracles in December” and much more.

This event was pretty much almost filled to capacity. There were people that were lined up for hours draped in any EXO attire they had.

Knowing how intense the EXO fans are, I had to situate up top for safety reasons. There were people already being crushed up front which made the EXO members very worried and sad. There were EMTs with stretchers available just in case anyone passed out and needed medical attention.

I think waiting for a few years so that they can up their discography was worth it. Everyone has been asking for an EXO concert for years, but during their debut or one to two years still wasn’t enough. They also went through some trials and tribulations with specific members leaving, but it has just shown that EXO is bigger than ever.

I most certainly felt the energy running through the arena. I had a blast along with thousands of attendees. I know that EXO will come back and hopefully Lay will be able to come next time too.

Written by: Timtastic

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