Yurika Kubo’s “Lovely Lovely Strawberry” EP review


Artist: Yurika Kubo
Album: “Lovely Lovely Strawberry”
Label: Pony Canyon
Year: 2016


As I get more and more into Love Live, I start not only buying merchandise from the series like music, figurines, and anything that’ll have the images of the characters, but supporting the other ventures of the voice actresses occurs too.

Yurika Kubo is the voice actress for Hanayo Koizumi. She released her solo EP outside of the Love Live banner, and I felt that I should check it out.


This album was very pleasant to listen to. I felt that she was staying away from being Hanayo yet everyone expected her to sound like her. You could say you kind of got both as we all know her for having the higher pitched voice.

The songs themselves were catchy. I really enjoyed listening to both the title track and “You Lyrical”. The songs are uplifting and have a positive feel.


Well, but pet peeve is extended plays with only two songs. Besides “You Lyrical” and “Lovely Lovely Strawberry”, there were only the instrumentals to complete the album. I was hoping for a bit more. I guess two songs will have to do for now.


I give her a lot of credit for expanding her abilities outside what she’s known for. I look forward to her releasing more music on her own. I did enjoy the album and have been listening to it everyday since it has released as of this writing. Not bad for the first one.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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