PlayStation Experience 2015


On December 5th-6th, 2015, the folks at Sony and PlayStation held their convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. It was an event to showcase some of the newest games for the PlayStation 4. Some of the titles were exclusive to the Sony console. I’ll be highlighting events outside of Capcom Cup since I had previously covered the event.

One of the major events was the announcement of F.A.N.G. which was a new character for the Street Fighter franchise. There hasn’t been a character like him, so it was interesting to see what he can do in Street Fighter V.

Capcom also had their own booth which was one of the important booths there. Not only did they have Street Fighter V’s latest build, but also had tournaments and casual set ups which had the longest lines possible. They had their own store for those that wanted Mad Catz fight sticks, Street Fighter t-shirts, merchandise from other beloved Capcom franchises, and exclusive swag that can’t be found at any other store. They also had classic games available to play ranging from the Megaman series to Resident Evil.

Many classic games were able to make a comeback with the backwards compatibility. I was able to relive old memories like Parappa The Rapper and Grand Theft Auto III. Playing on the Dualshock IV felt really comfortable with those games. Even those that were looking forward to playing Street Fighter V were still playing Ultra Street Fighter IV due to the port.

SNK Playmore also had the first playable build for King of Fighters XIV. Although a lot the cast weren’t playable yet, it showed a lot of promise with a build that was very fun to play. The fact that there was room for improvement along with 50 playable characters at the start showed that KOFXIV was going to be a game to look forward to. Many professional King of Fighters players also came to test out the game too.

Those were my personal highlights. Of course, coming from a fighting games background, those were what I opted to cover. With all the new video games coming out on PlayStation 4, the future looks bright for Sony’s gaming division.

Written by: Timtastic

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