APink’s “Pink Memory Tour” in Los Angeles presented by KPOPME


On January 9th, 2016, the girls of APink made their final stop in their “Pink Memory Tour” presented by KPOPME at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a back to back night as they had previously performed the night before in San Francisco which meant it was a quick turnaround for the girls. It wasn’t their first rodeo in Los Angeles as they had previously performed in the “city of angels”, but this time it was their first time headlining a concert there themselves.

It was huge in contrast as they went from performing at a venue that was built in the early 1900’s in San Francisco to one of the most modern concert venues at LA Live.

The routine went similar to the previous night, but it was a totally different audience. It was hard to tell who had more energy between LA or SF, but everyone was delighted to see APink. It was hard to tell due to different venues and where we were situated. All the same songs, introductions, and games remained the same.

During one of the intermissions a girl who had won the right to perform on stage during APink’s costume change performed a dance routine featuring some of their biggest hits. She did a great job as it is tough to perform solo on stage.

One big difference was one of the costume changes during one of the final intermissions. They had a different costume change while the guest dancer was performing. Other than the one costume change, both SF and LA shows had the same outfits.

Of course, each member drew roars of cheers from the crowd and fed off their energy. The interaction with the crowd was amazing as they all waved at individual people in the crowd whether it be on the floor level or up top in the nose bleeders. They even asked where they could get some food.

I definitely enjoyed this concert and would assume that they would come back as their popularity keeps soaring.  What made them connect well with the crowd is the ability to speak English which shows how much they love the fans here.

Written by: Timtastic

APink’s “Pink Memory Tour” in San Francisco presented by KPOPME

Photos of APink’s “Pink Memory Tour” in Los Angeles

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