ZE:A’s “Illusion” review


Artist: ZE:A
Album: “Illusion”
Label: Star Empire Entertainment
Year: 2013

At some random time, I was watching various different videos, performances, and anything that had KPop in it. I wanted to see if there were any artists that I may overlooked at some point because there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of artists. I took a chance and made a small investment into getting this EP by ZE:A. I knew nothing about this group except a few of the members were involved in other activities like acting and hosting which is how I encountered them.

The track that really caught my ears was the titled track, “Ghost in the Wind”. I really felt the track was pretty hype. I should have known that famed KPop producer, Duble Sidekick would be involved with producing their hit single. Their other promoted single, “Step by Step” was also a very decent track.

Like most boy bands that I’m not too familiar, I don’t know who sings what lines. It could have all been sung by one person, and I wouldn’t have noticed. No person vocally stood out to me as there were no individual with a higher nor deeper pitch. I’d also say the track “No. 1” really flew over my head too.

I’d say that it’s worth the investment especially if you want to check out some music from artists who aren’t necessarily on the top tier when it comes to artists from Korea. In the ruthless world of Korean pop music where it’s hard to stand out in the rough competitive environment, I would definitely say this album is 100% slept on.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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