Kraken Con Spring 2016


On April 23rd-24th, 2016, Kraken Con returned to the Oakland Convention Center in Downtown Oakland, CA from their previous location, the USS Hornet. I personally was excited as the additional space allowed for more programming. I did like the concept of having an anime convention on a haunted warship, but there were a ton of panels that were axed, video game tournaments were non existent, and TCG tournaments weren’t there. It also marked the return of the convention being two days as well. It was nice not having to be potentially sick on a ship and being able to consume alcohol at nearby venues. This post is pretty much comparing venues.

With the space, I was able to have more diverse options in terms of buying anime figurines, goods, and art. In this case, I was able to find some figurines to add to my ever growing collection. My choices were limited prior.

It was also cool to have the opportunity to learn some KPop dance moves as the Empire Dance Crew ran a workshop to teach choreography to Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang”. It was very informative and lots of fun.

Normally, I actually cosplay at the cons I attend, but at this one, since it was considered a chill one for me, I had opted not to cosplay as I didn’t want to go through the trials of tribulation of setting up a new cosplay and getting into it.

I absolutely loved that there were a lot of panel rooms because I had told myself that I would really have to get my bang for my buck, so I ended up attending a few of them. One of the ones that stood out was the Visual Kei one which allowed me to broaden my musical genre knowledge. It’s a genre I’m slowly getting into. What I liked about this event was that there were plenty of options with the many different rooms and it ran all day into late at night.

It was also cool to have the return of the gaming room. There were consoles being set up all over the place to allow attendees to play some video games. A gaming room also implied that tournaments returned to which brought out the true competitive gamer in all of us. Many of the top placers in specific games got to play on the big stage for viewers to watch.

I definitely had a blast attending this event and am glad it returned to a convention center environment where the chance to have diverse programming becomes more possible.

Written by: Timtastic

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