GFriend’s “Flower Bud” EP review


Artist: GFriend
Album: “Flower Bud”
Label: Source Music
Year: 2015

As I’m getting to warm up to their music, it’s only fitting that I go in sequential order. “Flower Bud” is GFriend’s second release after “Season of Glass”. It marked the return of the exact same concept they went with before which is the cute and innocent route. This is my attempt at becoming a fan of theirs. Let’s see how it turns out.

The sound and concept of this EP reminds me of early APink. They opted to stay away from the edgy and the EDM that most groups have gravitated towards. So far, it has worked in their favorite. “Me Gustas Tu” is a solid lead single. My personal favorite songs on this EP are “Under The Sky” and “One”. “My Buddy” is a pretty catchy song as well.

With GFriend running on the same concept as their previous album, they don’t have the chance to evolve artistically. They’re banking on what works instead taking a risk and bettering themselves. I also feel that “Me Gustas Tu” is actually the weakest of all the actual songs off the EP. All of the other songs are better in my opinion.

I really do feel like GFriend will be on their way to becoming the next APink but not quite yet. They’re only getting started. I understand that they’re trying to carve out their own path, but at least they don’t sound like most of the established groups. They’re already one of the most popular new groups out, so I see them succeeding into the upper tier in the already crowded KPop girl group bonanza.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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