Sonicboombox AX Afterparty 2016


On July 2nd, 2016, Sonicboombox finally made its way to the West Coast for an event in Los Angeles, CA. After hearing about their godlike events on the East Coast, I was excited to check out how they would fare out in the West. Many people have enjoyed these events along with famous people in the cosplay community.

They had a lot of selling points such as free swag, photobooths, and live DJ sets. The most important selling point was the open bar. I’ve never been to an open bar prior to this, but a chance to get unlimited alcohol was enough to entice me to want to attend. Who would turn down all you can drink opportunities?

Although having live DJ sets was a good selling point, I personally did not feel the music fit in. There weren’t enough anime related music. I wasn’t trying to hear remixes of Bon Jovi or “insert 80’s rock band”.

There were some things I felt could be improved for future editions of this event. I believe I was one of the first 100 people in and did not receive any of the swag bags or any of the goodies. It would have been cool to get one. Okamoto Kitchen was a food truck I was looking forward to trying out after hearing about them on social media. I didn’t get to hit up the food trucks at AX, but was so stoked to try them out. Unfortunately, they weren’t there too long. It would have been awesome to try it out.

Overall, this event was superb and a blast. It had all the backings of everyone despite not being an official Anime Expo event. If they have this event in 2017, I’ll 100% consider attending once again.

Written by: Timtastic

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