Hyuna’s “A Talk” EP review


Artist: Hyuna
Album: “A Talk”
Label: Cube Entertainment
Year: 2014


As of this writing, I had finally accepted the fact that 4Minute has officially disbanded leaving Hyuna as the only person from the group to stay with Cube Entertainment. As the breakout star of 4Minute, she had the most solo work out of all the members. With now all the spotlight on her, she only has solo activities and none with a group. With that being said, it’s time to check out some of her music with “A Talk” and see how she stands as a solo artist.


As the other members of 4Minute were better singers realistically, Hyuna manages to make songs that fit her image which are songs full of energy. These songs can be seen as club bangers that the speakers would love to blast. The lead single “Red” really put her over the top as a soloist and was one of the biggest hits of the year.


Unfortunately, this album does show her flaws as she wasn’t known as the best singer of 4Minute which shows in what kind of songs were being presented. After a few listens to the entire album being put on repeat, I realized the parts that stood out to me are the instrumentals, the rapping, and the hook.


It was a pretty short EP, so I don’t feel like I invested a lot of money just to check out her music. I feel like she’s more of a visual performer meaning I should check out the music videos, live performances, and concerts. Just the music itself from the album doesn’t do it for me, but I feel like she has a lot of room to grow as a performer and artist.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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