Riho Iida’s “Kataomoi Sekkin” EP review


Artist: Riho Iida
Album: “Kataomoi Sekkin” EP
Label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Year: 2016


If a “Love Live” seiyuu ever releases music, I’ll usually try my best to support them by buying the album. In this case once again, I bought more of Riho Iida’s music. I’ve listened to some of her music and really enjoyed it and had a gut feeling that I would really love what she created this time around.


I absolutely love the titled song. I thought it would have some kind of bubble gum pop sound, but I was totally wrong. I think this may be my favorite song of hers.


This album is too short and the main two songs end up on the full length album later on in the year anyways. I was bummed that there were only two songs along with a Chinese version of the titled track. I’m glad that she’s releasing music often though.


Although the titled single ended up on the full length album, “Rippi-Holic” along with the B side song, it brought of promise to what a full length album can provide. I love both the Japanese and Chinese versions of the song, “Kataomoi Sekkin”. As of this writing, I’d say it’s my favorite song from Rippi. I’m only giving this EP a 3 out of 5 because it’s a short album and because you can get the same songs on the full length album.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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