Hackerfight VI


On March 3rd, 2017, Hackerfight held their annual event at the headquarters of Facebook in Menlo Park, CA. It was the annual 3 on 3 team tournament featuring tech companies like Google, Apple, and Twitch. Companies that didn’t have a full squad were allowed to compete too, but had to team with other stray teammates. Startup companies were allowed to participate too. The two games that had tournaments were Street Fighter V and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Sturdy Pine fielded a team to compete in SFV.

It was the first time we have gotten the opportunity to represent against the likes of all these companies we have invested in, so it was an honor.

The venue was so impressive. The hospitality was so exceptional. It was as if the folks opened their home to us by feeding us and allowing us to use their kitchen. Free food, free use of the kitchen to fix us up anything, and free booze meant that everyone would have a great time.

Team Sturdy Pine went 2-2 and placed tied for 17th overall and tied for 9th in pools. It was great to play against all the folks we have seen on stream and at tournaments.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It taught me that despite being a startup, we have the ability to stand toe to toe with any large company. It didn’t feel like a tournament, but more like a party for everyone to mingle. I definitely hope to attend next year’s edition.

Written by: Timtastic

3v3 tournament between tech companies and start ups

Posted by Sturdy Pine on Monday, March 6, 2017

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