May J.’s “ReBirth” EP review


Artist: May J.
Album: “ReBirth”
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2015


May J. is one of the artists that I absolutely love. Her upbeat songs put me in a very happy state of mind while her ballads are the reason why she’s one of my favorite vocalists in JPop music. Her entire discography isn’t available on iTunes, but I was able to get this album digitally. I know that it would be a great listen because she does put out fantastic music.


The four songs that are on this EP are “Wishes Come True”, “Futari-No-Mahou”, “Faith”, and “Beautiful”. The first three songs are the ballads which are absolutely fantastic to listen to while “Beautiful” is so upbeat. These four songs easily can be on a looping rotation because it’s a delightful listen.


Like all extended plays, it’s only four songs deep. I really wanted to listen to more.


I really want to get more of her music, but because it’s not available online, I’d have to get the physical copies to listen to more which I have no problem doing. I am a huge fan of her music and would like to hear more. I am looking forward to getting more of her discography in the future.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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