Mamamoo’s “Pink Funky” EP review


Artist: Mamamoo
Album: “Pink Funky”
Label: Rainbow Bridge World
Year: 2015


It was the weekend of KCON 2015 when I was out with friends getting boba when I discovered this group because the music video for “Um Oh Ah Yeh” was playing on the projector. The song was super catchy along with the music video being appealing. During the course of the next several days, I had the song stuck in my head as the music was blaring across the convention on what felt like repeat. I felt that it was a sign that I should check out their music and see maybe what else they’re all about.


It does have a different sound compared with a lot of groups that were debuting roughly around the same time as them. This particular extended play blended in a mix of funk, disco, R&B, and hip-hop. The song that best exemplifies this is “Self Camera”. The singles “Um Oh Ah Yeh” and “Ahh Oop!” were good singles to promote this project.


Even if it has a different sound, it still somehow finds a way to be pretty mundane. It doesn’t have the replay value to play it again immediately or even later on. The rapping part seems out of place and no one has that powerful voice that makes your jaw drop. No member seemed to stand out.


Although it has a refreshing sound which stands out, it doesn’t mean it’s a great project. Different isn’t always good. I bought this album in 2015, gave it a few listens, and I didn’t listen to it again until 2017 mainly because the songs were pretty forgettable which made me forget that I had this album in the first place. This album is slightly over decent but not great. This album is only for anyone that wants an alternative or a super hardcore KPop fan that will buy anything and everything.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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