BiSH’s “Promise the Star” EP review


Artist: BiSH
Album: “Promise the Star” EP
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2017


I was looking for another Japanese idol group to be a fan of but didn’t want the typical cookie cutter one that was too cute and perfect nor was I seeking a group where one or more members did gravure shoots. I wanted a group with more of an edge and music that I can dig. I wasn’t looking for bubble gum pop sounds, but more along the lines of rock. If the group had elements of JRock then that would be perfect. That’s where BiSH entered into the picture.


I started with their most recent song as of this writing which was “Promise the Star” and saw their music video on YouTube which gravitated me. This was the different I was looking for. I felt the emotion of the song and ended up buying the two track album. Not only did I love the song, but “Help” was also a great song.


I loved these two songs so much that I wanted more. I realized that it was my first venture into this group and I would have more opportunities to check out more of their music. This was only the beginning.


After checking out this EP, I ended up becoming a fan and had to check out what else they had. Sometimes you need different. BiSH is the alternative group you need if you’re tired of the same old material. I personally can’t keep going the cutesy route. I needed a change and they were the change I needed.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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