Twice’s “Twicecoaster: Lane 1” EP review


Artist: Twice
Album: “Twicecoaster: Lane 1” EP
Label: JYP Entertainment
Year: 2016


Upon their debut along with their second effort, I can honestly say that I overlooked Twice as a group. That continued to happen until I saw the music video for “TT”. I really enjoyed the music video as it shows what they can do as a group and showcased each of their personalities. Apparently, the music video helped explode their popularity, and they became Korea’s little darlings. It caused me to become curious of this group which subsequently made me curious about the rest of their music, and that’s where the journey to seeing what Twice is all about starting with “Twicecoaster: Lane 1”.


Of course “TT” not only is a great music video but a fantastic lead single. Of course, they had other songs too. “1 to 10” was a mid tempo song while “Ponytail” had a hint of a rock influence. “Jelly Jelly” was a catchy song. The rest of the album has potential but may take multiple listens to eventually get the hang of enjoying it, but once you do, it’ll be worth it.


If it weren’t for “TT”, I don’t think this album would have gotten the sales and praise that it received. “TT” built this album while the rest of the album piggybacked off the success of the lead single which is fine since listeners wouldn’t have discovered their potential if it weren’t for their lead single. The only that can be feared is that a lot of fans may have just bought the single instead of the entire EP if they went through the digital route.


If people weren’t on the Twice bandwagon before, this EP sure did get everyone on board. This album may have even helped them surpass the likes of Girls Generation as Korea’s favorite girl group. Their popularity was for real as they became part of pop culture from everyone shifting their allegiance from whichever fandom they were a part of before to this one. Everyone became a Once.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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