DEAN x Club Eskimo’s “Club Eskimo U.S. Tour” at UC Theatre


Korean R&B sensation DEAN performed for fans in Northern California for the first time on May 8, 2017 at the UC Theatre in Berkeley. He was also joined by the Club Eskimo crew which consists of underground hip hop artists MISO, offonoff, 2xxx! and SAAY. Each artist brought something new to the table with their own unique sets before main headliner DEAN took the stage. Although DEAN was involved in the KPop industry at a young age by writing songs for groups like EXO and VIXX, he’s still relatively new to the scene as a performer, debuting in 2015. With only 2 years into his singing career, he does not yet have an extensive discography under his belt, therefore he was able to perform nearly all of his songs released so far at the concert. These include his biggest hits “I’m Not Sorry”, “What 2 Do”, and “Come Over”. Fan interactions during the show were kept to a minimum as this was not your typical KPop concert. Just as the opening acts were finishing up, he blasted onto the stage and performed one song after another, not stopping to make any kinds of introductions. Still, he knew how to keep the audience hyped by getting close to several lucky fans and even spraying the crowd with his water bottle. Everyone was having a good time singing and dancing alongside DEAN. Seeing as how this was Berkeley, the college-aged audience were really enjoying themselves, and with the bar on scene and drinks in their hands, it really felt more like a party/club event than your usual KPop idol concert. Overall, it was a fun and successful night for DEAN and Club Eskimo and fans eagerly await their return to the Bay Area.

Written by: Jonathan “JNDrama” Nguyen

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