ShuuKaRen’s “Universe” EP review


Artist: ShuuKaRen
Album: “Universe” EP
Label: Sony Music
Year: 2016


As a fan of E-Girls along with being a fan of both Flower and Happiness, the Fujii sisters finally got to form their own sub-unit called ShuuKarRen which is the combination of Shuuka and Karen. I wanted to support their first EP together and see what they can do together.


After being mostly known as a performer for Flower and E-Girls, Shuuka finally got to lend her voice on an album. Not only does she get to sing, she got to do it with her sister which is a delight in itself. As a fan, I was happy that she finally got to sing.


Although it was great to finally have Shuuka on a track, there was an excessive use of autotune and synthesizers. They also went through the safe EDM route which would guarantee an upbeat sound with a Western sounding production. There wasn’t enough diversity in the song making process as all three songs sound pretty similar. As a fan of their music before this EP, I guess I was too used to the classic catchy JPop sounds instead of the club music they went with.


I wanted to like it at least if I couldn’t love the album. It hurts to say that since I consider myself a pretty big E-Girls fan. I hope that their next effort can maximize their abilities on the vocals, and I know they can. Karen is one of the main singers of the overcrowded E-Girls and can still manage to shine. She didn’t have to rely on autotune to refine her singing. Shuuka should have another chance to shine with her singing without extra autotune..

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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