Heize’s “You Are Cloudy” EP review


Artist: Heize
Album: “You Are Cloudy” EP
Label: CJ E&M
Year: 2017


After checking the KCON 2017 roster, I saw a name that I wasn’t familiar with which ended up being Heize. I looked her up and found out that she was a singer, songwriter, and rapper. A lot of my friends that are into the Korean hip-hop and R&B genre highly recommended me to her music. I was keeping my fingers crossed that she wasn’t the typical rapper found in every KPop idol group.


I was actually blown away by what I heard. It wasn’t like any of the stuff I’ve heard in the KPop world. There was a lot of soul and classic R&B sounds. She could succeed in both the rapping and the singing. What was heard wasn’t the cookie cutter typical sounds I got accustomed to. There was emotion in the music. It sounded very organic to me.


For an EP track to have five songs, I pretty much expect it to be all songs. The track “Rainin’ With U” is just an instrumental. It’s fine but given where it is in the album which is smack down right in the middle of the EP, it was in a weird placing. It should have been either in the beginning or the end of the album sort of like an interlude. It would have been a great intro to set up the rest of the album.


I enjoyed what I heard. It felt very real as she wrote her own stuff. I liked that she is who she is. Heize isn’t promoted to fit a certain mold, and that is true artistry. I’m looking forward to checking more of her music out down the road.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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