CREAM’s “#nofilter” review


Artist: CREAM
Album: “#nofilter”
Label: AVEX Trax
Year: 2014


After listening to “Dreamin’”, I was thinking to myself, how is CREAM going to top that one. To date, they were the only group to score a 5/5 rating on this site. I was curious on how they were going to sound. Would they evolve? I would totally try to compare this album to their previous one.


This isn’t just one of the best J Urban albums I have ever heard. This isn’t just one of the best JPop albums I have ever heard. I may say that this is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard across all genres. One minute, you hear hip-hop, the next minute there’s EDM. You may get that R&B next then JPop. You’ll get some rock in there too. I’m not a fan of EDM, but I can listen to “Wonderland” all day long.

Even the order list is genius. It’s like you get a mix of variety and diversity. You don’t get all the R&B songs grouped together and all the EDM ones grouped together. You get one of each at cerebral points.


Like what can I say negative about this album? Where can I find a spot to point out a flaw? I honestly won’t do it just say I could find something bad about this album. You have two great writers and a fantastic producer. There are no songs that are filler or songs I don’t enjoy. All the songs are stand out songs.


Not only did they live up their standards on making good music, they were able to keep on par with their previous efforts, if not top it. I thought that nothing could top “Dreamin’”, but “#nofilter” absolutely knocked it out of the ball park with their diverse sounds. Both Staxx T and Minami managed to create a masterpiece that gave me hope of awesome music. I feel this is an album that has changed my life. I’ve rating my favorite groups before and pretty much all have received less than a five out of five rating except CREAM.

I love it when it’s all about the music and not about the concept nor gimmick. Literally every single song could be a single. This easily is up there with my all time favorite albums.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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