Fanime Con 2017


On May 26th-29th, 2017, Fanime Con returned to its usual place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in Downtown San Jose, California during Memorial Day weekend. Although there weren’t brand new things I experienced, it was a fun event. I will pretty much be recapping my experiences as an attendee and as a fan rather than a writer.

If you would have asked me years ago if I would be into hentai, I would say no. I still don’t consider myself a hentai fan, but earlier in the year, I decided that I would cosplay a character from “Bible Black”. To me, that meant that I had to do research and officially watch the anime to know what I’m going to be. Fast forward to this year, and I cosplayed one of the characters and ended up in a few gatherings and a few shoots.

Because I cosplayed a hentai character, it would be natural to attend a hentai voice acting panel. I’ve done it before and thought I would have a chance. Unfortunately, they changed their format and people would be chosen to participate by a lottery system. I wasn’t chosen, but still had a blast as a member of the audience.

Cosplay Wrestling Federation was an event I had attended at other conventions, but there’s something about Fanime that makes it more exciting. This event was officially filled to capacity where there were lines still waiting to get in. This event is pretty much cosplayers using wrestling promos to win over the crowd. As a person who’s a fan of battle rap which involves insults back and forth, this is an event I can dig. I also happened to cosplay John Cena that day which made it more special as I was treated like him and was showered with boos.

Not only did Cosplay Wrestling Federation have “Fanimania” but also ran a cosplay gathering earlier in the day featuring professional wrestling cosplays. There were cosplayers from the fictional world like Tiger Mask, ones from NJPW especially Bullet Club, and WWE. As a wrestling fan, it was cool being around fellow wrestling fans.

Besides those two events, there was a panel based around New Japan Pro Wrestling. Although I know a lot about NJPW, it was cool to be in a panel full of fans of Japanese pro wrestling. I learned a few tidbits about some of my favorite wrestlers. We also were treated to a viewing of the five star match from that year’s main event of Wrestling Kingdom of Kazuchika Okada versus Kenny Omega.

One of the biggest joys I had was hosting my own cosplay gathering. I hosted the “Attack on Titan” one in 2016. This year, I went with a series a little bit more closer to my heart which was an all Capcom one. The Capcom gathering included Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man, and much more. I shaved my head to become Sagat from Street Fighter. It turned out pretty great.

Somehow, as Sagat, I also qualified for the Nintendo cosplay gathering because of the release of Ultra Street Fighter II on the Nintendo Switch. It was cool to represent the third party characters.
Unfortunately, I along with other friends did not defend our masquerade titles. It was for the best as there was less stress to complete outfits and perfect routines.

I’d say this was the best Fanime yet. I didn’t get hammered nor did anything bad happen to me. I felt that it was a smooth one with no stress or tensions. Line con did not happen nor did post con depression. It was an absolute blast to see many friends from all over California at this event.

Written by: Timtastic

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