BiSH’s “OTNK” EP review


Artist: BiSH
Album: “OTNK” EP
Label: Wack Co.
Year: 2015


I absolutely love this group. After checking their most recent stuff, I had to listen to their earlier material which is how I stumbled upon “OTNK”. This was released before they were on a major label when they were still considered indie. I wanted to see how much they’ve evolved over time.


I by no way am a fan of Celtic rock or viking metal. I can’t name a group from those sub genres, however, BiSH somehow made it work. The blended the elements of Celtic rock and viking metal with JPop, idol music, and JRock to create “OTNK”. I felt that is awesome artistry to create many elements into one.


Seeing as this was their only known release on an indie label, I was hoping for more music. It would have been cool to have a full length release. It was also unfortunate that Yukaka Love Deluxe left the group prior to this release but at least it allowed two new members in Hashiyasume Atsuko and Lingling to join BiSH.


I really did like this project as it marked the beginning of what is now one of my favorite idol groups. Members came and went, but this group from this release has a promising career. I subsequently liked their later releases too.

Overall rating 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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