Heize’s “And July” EP review


Artist: Heize
Album: “And July” EP
Label: CJ E&M
Year: 2016


I previously reviewed “You Are Cloudy” and loved what I listened to, but I was recommended her prior release, “And July” by a good friend of mine. I opted to check this project out especially if it has praise from other folks. I also saw that Dean makes two appearances in songs. I was stoked to check out more of her music


I loved the R&B and hip-hop feel to this album just like I did when started checking out her music. I definitely loved Dean’s guest appearance as he adds a different voice and flair to her songs without overpowering and overtaking the song. His cameo helps complete that something that was lacking.


You know that I’m extremely against skits. Sure “Skit: Rainy Day” makes sense, since she has themes based around rain based off of her releases. As much as her songs are unique and different compared to those already in the genre in Korea, I feel like from top to bottom, the songs sound way too similar.


If bubble gum pop, EDM with lyrics, or rapping from guys and girls that don’t have a background in hip-hop aren’t your thing, Heize is definitely for you. She is everything KPop is not which is great. We need artistry back in music. She doesn’t need catchy dance movies or a specific image to succeed. She lets her music do the talking. I definitely recommend this album to anyone that’s a fan of music.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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