KCON LA 2017 Preview: GOT7

KCON 2014 logo

GOT7 Returns To Make KCON “Just Right”

Girls, Girls, Girls! Boys, Boys, Boys! The wait is over. GOT7 will be making their highly anticipated return at this year’s KCON LA. They will be performing at Sunday night’s M Countdown show on August 20. The last time GOT7 made an appearance at KCON LA was back in 2015 when they were still fairly new. During the past two years they’ve grown even more popular, so expect to see all new performances of their latest hits like “If You Do”, “Fly”, “Hard Carry”, and “Never Ever”. IGOT7s will be out in full force at the Staples Center with their light sticks, signs, and banners to support the boys and give them a welcome return. It’s been a long two years, but KCONers “never ever” gave up hope of being reunited with GOT7, and this time they will be headlining the Sunday show.

Written by: Jonathan “JNDrama” Nguyen

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