Yurika Kubo’s “Summer Chance!!” EP review


Artist: Yurika Kubo
Album: “Summer Chance!!” EP
Label: Pony Canyon
Year: 2016


As a Love Live fan, I feel like I should check out all of the projects from from other anime series to music. In this case, I decided to check out Yurika Kubo’s second EP, “Summer Chance!!” because I enjoyed her previous EP, “Lovely Lovely Strawberry” which also came out the same year.


Both songs were super pleasant. The titled song is a very fun song to dance to. It is a mood uplifter. The second song (couldn’t read the title) was also super nice to listen too. “Summer Chance” was a fantastic song especially for the summer.


Realistically, I felt like Yurika Kubo was singing as Hanayo Koizumi. Many of the other Love Live voice actresses have done a great job distinguishing songs that they did and ones they did as their animated counterparts. Yurika just somehow didn’t separate herself from her most notable character.


For a two song EP, I felt it was worth the purchase primarily if you’re just in it for the music. There were other tracks but they weren’t worth getting since they were instrumentals.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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