SF9’s “Sensational Feeling” EP review


Artist: SF9
Album: “Feeling Sensation” EP
Label: FNC Entertainment
Year: 2016


As many of the groups I have been familiar come and go while some are on hiatus due to military duty, I think it’s time to finally check out the next generation of KPop groups. I’ve checked out a lot of girl groups, and now it’s the inevitable that I check out the male groups. This time I’m finally checking out FNC Entertainment’s first ever boy band that dances in Sensational Feeling 9 aka SF9.


Although their promoted single was “Fanfare” which along B side track “K.O.” had a heavy dose of KPop as we know today, the song that really caught my ear was the song “Together” because it had an R&B flair with a touch of dance. The song was pretty smooth.


This may be their first project, but not much really stands out. It felt like any other group. They didn’t differentiate themselves where they had their own specific sound. Every group has a hip-hop, R&B, and EDM sound. If you were to tell me that they were another group, I would have believed it.


I felt like this was just FNC Entertainment’s attempt to having a boy band just to have one. FNC’s strongest factor in the KPop industry is having successful bands. They do have boy bands but they pretty much all play instruments. I was hoping that SF9 would have something maybe like a gimmick to stand out in the crowded pool of boy bands, and we’re not even counting the ones that are inactive.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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