BTS’ “Love Yourself: Her” EP review


Artist: BTS
Album: “Love Yourself: Her” EP
Label: Big Hit Entertainment
Year: 2017


If there’s one artist that the current generation of KPop fans love the most, it’s BTS. I had not been on board with them, and everyone, and I mean everyone has told me to check out their music because I had wondered how in the blue hell did they blow up in terms of popularity. People that I never knew liked this genre all of a sudden were major fans of theirs. I decided to get this album because it was the most recent.


Usually in a lot of KPop boy bands, there’s usually one designated member whose job is to “rap”. Often, that person may not have a background in hip-hop music. In this case, BTS has multiple people that do which makes their song more authentic. A lot of the songs are pretty solid and listenable.


I was told that despite this being a BTS EP, it’s not their best. I agreed even though this is my first effort at checking out their music. Including their singles, none of the songs really popped out. No individual songs on this extended play would make me want to replay the song after it ended or think to myself, “Oh, what’s the name of this song?” at any point.

As I’m happy that they’re getting the fame that they deserve especially at the Billboard Awards, I didn’t think it was necessary to include the acceptance speech for winning an award. Every ARMY knows that they won and have heard it countless times.


Eventually, many of our beloved KPop groups will get older. Some may get stale while others may not be able to capture that magic that made them popular. Some groups may have individual activities while others have mandatory military service. Some individual members may go through the acting route or try their hand at variety shows.

I’m pretty much saying, if you’re a fan of this group, enjoy them because they are the it group of today.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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