KCON LA 2017

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On August 18th-20th, 2017, KCON once again reunited KPop fans from all over North America to the Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles. The artists scheduled for this year included Cosmic Girls, Girl’s Day, SF9, Vixx, Super Junior D&E, and headlined by Seventeen for the Saturday portion while Sunday’s concert included KARD, Heize, NCT 127, Wanna One, Oh My Girl, Astro, Kim Tae Woo, and Got7 as the headliners. I won’t go into the actual performances too much because all performers always do a great job.

First and foremost, it was bananas and nuts inside the convention center, but it wasn’t 2017 levels of insanity. Once again, they used the South Hall of the convention center which guaranteed more space for vendors, sponsors, additional stages, and a lot more. Besides the fan engagement rooms, there were additional rooms for fan meeting. Some fan meetings spilled to off site locations like in Koreatown and right outside the convention center. There were various folks that even had their own panels. Many sponsored booths had opportunities to see the idols up close and personal.

Many big names saw the value of the Hallyu Wave which saw companies like McDonald’s, Toyota, and State Farm invest into this event. Other companies like Drama Fever, Bibigo, and CJ Entertainment are some of the companies that continued to push this culture forward to the masses.

Besides many of the corporate booths, there were tons of booths that specialized in cosmetics. Every major Korean booth had deals and samples.

Obviously, the Winter Olympics also was upcoming, so there were folks encouraging those that want to travel to South Korea to try Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics by having the mascots appearing. Seoul can’t be the only place in Korea where foreigners travel to, right? Pyeongchang is proving that they too can host the international folks.

Not only did the fun take place inside the LACC and inside Staples Center, but there was plenty of action that occurred on the streets of LA Live. Chick Hearn Court was shut down so that food vendors can set up shop with some of the best diverse local cuisine, the wonderful tastes of Korean food, and outdoor entertainment. It literally was a block party.

It’s a wonderful event where friends from all over the place get to reunite to express their love for their favorite artists even if that artist isn’t even scheduled to appear. It’s a place where people can grow and love any artist they choose to follow. It’s the place where existing friendships can continue and new ones to blossom over the love of the Korean culture. It’s the one time of year where Los Angeles becomes the Korean capital outside of Seoul.

Written by: Timtastic

Photos of the convention portion of KCON LA 2017

Posted by Sturdy Pine on Thursday, September 7, 2017


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Posted by Sturdy Pine on Sunday, October 15, 2017

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