APink’s “Seven Springs of APink” EP review


Artist: APink
Album: “Seven Springs of APink”
Label: A Cube Entertainment
Year: 2011


At this point in my KPop life, I felt that this group could be the next group that I could embrace and potentially love. If I really like a group, I’d probably try to buy their entire discography and listen to it through. In this case, I bought their debut EP which included their debut single, “I Don’t Know”. I came across this song initially when listening to iTunes radio and leaving it on the KPop channel. I ended up loving it and was amazed that it came from this group.


At this point in their career, they were all very young which means there were no creative ideas from this group behind the scenes in recording this EP. Somehow, they made it work. The direction they were going to go with was the cute and innocent route which ended up working for them immediately and in the long run.


Outside of the lead single, “I Don’t Know”, no other songs stood out to me as a potential hit or song worth listening to again. I mean you could listen to this album fairly quickly as there aren’t too many tracks and the songs go by really fast. At this stage, up is the only way to go since they were one of those groups with lots of potential.


It’s a pretty decent first effort in an EP. They played it safe, and it benefited them. All the songs were pretty catchy. It was cool to see them as a seven member group from the start. It could have been something special with a full lineup, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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