Pandora’s “Be the One” EP review

unnamed (1)
Artist: Pandora
Album: “Be the One” EP
Label: AVEX
Year: 2018


I first heard this song at Kamen Rider The Diner in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan. I know of the series, but I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore fan at all. I heard this song from Pandora featuring Beverly called “Be the One” quite often during my time there. Apparently, it’s one of the opening themes to the series. I became hooked and had to buy the song immediately but found out that it was a two song EP that had just been released as well.


I pretty bought this two song EP just for the titled track. It’s so hype and has been on repeat since I made the purchase. I’ll let this extended play rock the entire time, and I wouldn’t even be mad. This song is full of energy, and the vocals are so electric.


I’m not too familiar with this group, but apparently it’s a duo of producers/DJs that work with guest vocalists. Other than that, not much is known about them. It would actually be super cool if we can hear more of this group. I would totally buy a full length album with all songs with a guest singer if it were to be available digitally.


If there’s one thing that could get me to try to check out a series that I’m unfamiliar with, and that’s opening theme songs. Opening themes set the pace on how the show will be perceived. To a lot of artists in Japan, having a song be an opening or closing theme on a show, in this case a long time running one, is an honor. The titled track makes me want to start watching Kamen Rider even though it’s several seasons long with way too many episodes.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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