KARA’s “Girl’s Talk” review


Artist: KARA
Album: “Girl’s Talk”
Label: Universal Sigma
Year: 2010


It is not secret that KARA is my favorite group overall which brings us to this review of their Japanese language debut. When I went to Japan, I heard one of the songs off this album that made me reminisce how much I love this album, and I was hit with the feels.

This album was to see where they were at with a brand new market despite being one of the biggest acts in Korea. At this point, very few were able to complete the crossover from Korea to Japan. Many groups did fail which is the fate KARA did not want to face.


Many of these songs were remade from their previous albums “Lupin”, “Revolution”, and “Jumping” into the Japanese language. Many of these songs from this album were already hits or were going to be hits in their native homeland with some B sides from the Korean albums being included in Japanese for “Girl’s Talk”. The standout track for me is the Japanese newcomer “SOS” which actually is one of my overall favorite tracks from KARA.


The only reason why this album didn’t get a much higher score is due to the lack of Japanese exclusive songs. Two new songs along with a glorified greatest hits isn’t enough. They did hit a home run with “Mister” being a smash hit, but with more songs for the Japanese market. Had they had more original songs for their new market, they would have gotten that grand slam. I did see the logic though which is to mix some old with some of the new.


“Girl’s Talk” is pretty much a glorified greatest hits album with some new songs. To a lot of people, these preexisting songs are new. This is still one of my all time favorite albums to listen to overall as it still brings me joy, happiness, and makes me appreciate my favorite group. I feel like this is peak KARA for me.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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