Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2018


On Friday, January 12th, 2018, I got to attend the day one portion of Furusato Matsuri Tokyo at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan. It’s a new year kind of festival that ran all the way to January 22nd. This event marked the 10 year anniversary, so it was a very special event. It featured hundreds of companies, regional cuisines, traditional entertainment, and much more. Many regions of Japan came through from the local Tokyo area to Hokkaido from up north to Osaka from the central area.

There were all kinds of companies that were there. Some gave out free swag while some gave out pamphlets. It was to celebrate all things Japan, and we all know all the companies Japan has to offer.

The entertainment was amazing. There were some martial arts demonstrations. Many traditional Japanese dancers amazed the crowd. The taiko drummers were fantastic and on point.

The food was phenomenal. You can have straight up meals or go through their near unlimited street food specialties. I had some of the best food ever, but also had some of the weirdest food ever. My point was to try new foods I had never consumed and tried I did. The best things I ate were sweets such as frozen shaved strawberries drenched in condensed milk while the oddest things I had were sweet pickled plum soup and pickled plums.

This event was special to me because E-Girls are my favorite JPop group, and I didn’t know that Dream Shizuka was going to be there as a member of Dance Earth Party. They didn’t perform any songs but were just special guests for the event. It was still a surprising yet overwhelming moment for me.

The venue was amazing. Only the Tokyo Dome could hold all of the companies, foods, and people in there due to its sheer size. It’s a beautiful venue when you’re in there from early day to night time. I had been in the same venue days prior for NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 but never got to explore the venue, and I had nosebleed seats at the time.  This time, we were free to roam the area especially down in the floor area and lower bowl seating area.  It also felt like a museum with lots of history because of baseball and the numerous events held in the venue.  It was a wonderful time and event.  I definitely would recommend this event for those that are in Japan in January.

Written by: Timtastic

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