Yatterman Night (2015 anime) review

Series: Yatterman Night
Studio: Tatsunoko Productions
Year: 2015


I opted to watch this series because I really loved the Yatterman series and wanted to see what they had for the 40 year anniversary of the original series. I knew that this series was a completely different spin than the previous series along with the reboot. I also am bias towards Tatsunoko Productions as an anime studio since they tend to release really great series that I happen to enjoy.


Many generations have passed since they Yattermen were able to defeat the Doronbow Gang and exiled them to the outskirts of the Yatter Kingdom where their descendants also ended up living. Leopard is the direct descendent of Doronjo, Voltkatze is a descendent of Boyacky, and Elephantus is a descendent of Tonzra. They all lived peaceful lives in the countryside despite being exiled.

Leopard idolized the Yatterman because she needed a hero but one day found out that she was a direct descendent of Doronjo who was the leader of the Doronbow Gang. When Leopard’s mother fell ill, she along with Voltkatze and Elephantus attempted to go to the Yatter Kingdom to try to get medicine but were turned back my the Yatterman soldiers. Leopard’s mother later died, and the remaining three sought to seek revenge not only for her mother but for everyone that was now suffering from the Yattermen.

The Yattermen were not the ones Leopard looked up to as heroes, but they have now become the villains. They enslaved a lot of the population and ruled with a totalitarian fist. The Doronbow Gang was revived with the descendants now donning the iconic characters.


I really loved this series as it was a throwback with a bit of a new twist. The roles have been reversed which for me was a curveball. It really had a much darker tone to the story, yet retained a lot of the light hearted comedy that made the predecessors very popular. You can get laughs and tears all in the same series.


I honestly felt that the previous two Yatterman series had way too many episodes which included filler where as this series had way too little with only 12 to tell a deep story with a very rich history. I would have been happy to watch a few more episodes even if they were filler since even those episodes were enjoyable to watch.


I really didn’t want this series to end so early as I really enjoyed this series. The feels really did hit in the last episode without spoiling anything. I’m glad Tatsunoko really dug into their history to revive an all time classic and hope there could be something in the works for a 50th anniversary or something.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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