TVXQ’s “Humanoids” LP review


Artist: TVXQ
Album: “Humanoids”
Label: SM Entertainment
Year: 2012


“Humanoids” is a re-release of “Catch Me” but with additional tracks including the title track. I first saw them back in 2012 and thought they had a great stage presence with awesome choreography. I understood then why they were the headliner in a very stacked lineup full of top-notch artists in the Korean pop genre. I decided to give this album a listen because I had seen the two promoted singles performed on music shows on television and their music videos online which blew me away with how complex their performances.


Both “Humanoids” and “Catch Me” were awesome songs, but the song that really stood out for me was the third track on the album, “Here I Stand” because it captures the essence and spirit of who TVXQ is. I felt like this was the best song on the album. They have some other decent songs such as “Like a Soap” which shows their singing abilities.


I felt like their best songs were stacked at the beginning as it steadily goes downhill from there. By stacking their two singles as the first two singles, it doesn’t give a casual listener something to look forward to as some of these songs may require a few listens before they may find that hidden gem song that they may gravitate towards. I do feel that some songs may qualify as filler songs as it’s not great or bad but just there to fill the album up. Some songs can easily be slept on.


People always tell me to listen to old TVXQ when they had five members due to their songs being different. I tell them that I got into this group at their current state with just two and enjoy their songs much more as a two-person group. I personally think that they do a great job expanding their roles within the group with not needing additional members, especially in concerts when they have one of the biggest stage shows in all of music. This album captures what Changmin and Yunho are all about.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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