Alice Project at P.A.R.M.S. Theater


Back in January of 2018, I was in Tokyo, Japan for numerous events. I really wanted to catch an idol concert badly. Akihabara is the home of many idol groups and some run daily concerts for many people. This is when I found out that Alice Project which is the management group for such groups like Kamen Joshi, Alice Juban, Steam Girls, and Armor Girls have concerts daily at P.A.R.M.S. Theater in Akihabara.

I’ve bought some of their music online just because I was intrigued with not just idols, but idols that have a different image. Kamen Joshi often wears masks to conceal their identity, but they take it off during performances. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a favorite member but enjoy them as a group. Their music is always really good which helps when it comes to having a song to look forward to seeing performed live.

Days prior to this event, we got to see a free performance to see what they’re really all about. It’s almost like a practice session for them in front of an audience. It’s like getting a sample, and if you like it, you can invest in what they have to offer. Upon seeing their free show, I was sold and wanted to go to their regular show.

The wonderful part about this specific day was that because I attended on a Wednesday night, we were given vouchers for food and beer which is always a great thing to have.

The great thing about having daily concerts and a deep roster is that everyone is interchangeable which means up and comers get a chance to perform and some members are able to get days off. Each group that performs only has to do about three songs which don’t cause fatigue. It also gives opportunities for the group to divide and conquer when the more seasoned veterans get to go on major shows while the newbies get to hone their craft at the local venue.

What I loved the most was the energy the attendees brought. People from all walks of life attended. They included me as the foreign tourist, fanboys, salarymen, and more looking to have a great time. They all had light sticks and knew the fan chants. It was like attending a rock show with idol influences.

This show really is for the fans because at the end of the show, they have handshake events to thank everyone for attending. There were also opportunities to take photos with specific groups or members. Buying a DVD of the show that just happened was also an option. At the end of the show, you also could vote on who had the best performance of the night which I ended up voting for Kamen Joshi as they were the headliner and had the most hyped presence even though everyone did a great job.

My personal biggest regret is not buying any merchandise or photo opportunities as reading a Japanese machine was hard and the lack of English speakers at the venue. I had a blast at this event and hope to one day make it back. I’m glad that everyone had a spectacular time at this concert, and this made me a bigger fan of all the groups that performed.

Written by: Timtastic

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