Lance N’ Masques (2015 anime) review

Series: Lance N’ Masques
Studio: Studio Gokumi
Year: 2015


I opted to watch this series because I had the opening theme, “Light for Night” by Mimori Suzuko in my iTunes collection. I was aware she did the theme song and portrayed one of the characters in this series. Because I’m a huge fan of hers, that’s what brought me to this anime series.


Yotoro is a modern day knight that wishes to have a normal civilian life. He also tends to save females from any danger and protect them at all costs which he calls “white knight syndrome”. One day, he saves a small girl named Makio and later joins her for a meal then later ends up living in her household to protect her from danger. Over the course of time, the household gains more people from acquaintances to friends to even enemies. They form a bond to protect the rights of the family.


I enjoyed the light-hearted comedy mixed with awesome fight sequences with a lance as a primary weapon. There are some laughs here and there. It’s a cute series, and it wouldn’t force you to devote a ton of time into this series


I’m still confused about the overall plot of this story. Without spoiling anything, the last two episodes really don’t help conclude this series. With not so many episodes to tell a story, they really couldn’t afford an episode miss out on key plot points which ended up happening as there are quite a few filler episodes. It was really hard to find characters that to love especially the kids since too many of them don’t stand out and blended in with each other.


It’s only a 12 episode series so you could probably finish it in a day or two if you need a series to grind out really fast. I wouldn’t recommend it as a must watch and put it on the top of your list of anime series you have to watch. I only watched it because of the familiarity with one of the voice actresses and because I love the opening theme. It didn’t fully translate.

Overall rating: 3/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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