Beverly’s “A New Day” EP


Artist: Beverly
Album: “A New Day”
Label: AVEX
Year: 2018


I first listened to Beverly’s music when she was in a guest appearance for the opening theme song for Kamen Rider Build called “Be the One” with Pandora. I loved the song, especially how strong and powerful her voice was. I decided to check out more of her music, and came across another song that would catch my ears called “All I Want”.


The songs are pretty diverse even though it’s a four-track extended play. Both “A New Day” and “Happy Now” are both strong ballads. “All I Want” is definitely the standout track as it is an absolutely fun song. The great thing is that there are no special guests, so this EP is all Beverly and only Beverly.


I could have done without the cover of “Despacito” as everyone at some point has sung the song. She could have replaced the song with another song. Her music is already good enough not to need the viral sensation.


I just only discovered her music this year and already am a huge fan. I really do look forward to what she could do down the road as her potential as an artist is pretty high. She has songs that I want to listen to, and that’s good enough for me.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic


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