Crush’s “Interlude” EP review

016-05-25 3.30.58 PM

Artist: Crush
Album: “Interlude” EP
Label: Amoeba Culture
Year: 2016


I wanted to check out some Korean R&B, and these days, Crush is killing it with his own solo career on top of collaborations with such artists as Dynamic Duo. I’ve been privileged to have seen him perform, but I wanted to check out more of his music. That’s when I got this EP of his called “Interlude” to get a sample of his work.


This has some of that 2000’s R&B sound with the deep chill vibes it has. It definitely has a nighttime soothing sound with a hint of hip-hop. Even though “9 to 5” is the lead single, the standout track, in my opinion, is “Castaway”. He does have some collaborations with Gaeko of Dynamic Duo and Miso on separate songs.


There are good songs, but no great ones. It has more of an adult vibe especially with some of the subject matter and one of the songs being explicit. If you’re a KPop idol fan, this may not necessarily be the album for you unless you’re an adult. The sound if you’re a traditional KPop would sound more foreign if anything.


I did happen to like the album, but I did not love it. If you happen to be doing something else while the music’s playing, it would easily fly over your head. The music does segue well into each other. It’s a good quick album to listen to with only five tracks.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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