Blackpink’s “Square Up” EP review


Artist: Blackpink
Album: “Square Up” EP
Label: YG Entertainment
Year: 2018


I’ve had a few friends get into KPop and have had friends get back into KPop after a hiatus. One of the groups they gravitated towards was Blackpink out of the current generation of KPop idol groups. This EP was one of the few I didn’t already have since I already had all their music up to date except the Japanese releases (same songs previously released but in Japanese). They’ve really grown to be one of the biggest KPop groups in the world in only a matter of about two years.


Their lead single “DDU-DU DDU-DU” may have been the promoted single, but the best song is their B side song, “Really” since it has that 2010’s hip-hop vibe. Their lead single did make a huge statement and the song goes very hard. Their other two songs are really good as well. This EP has a ton of replay value.


Since they released “As If It’s Your Last”, I didn’t see the progression musically. After a few years, I would have liked to see them take a hands-on approach such as their labelmates do when creating musical art such as writing lyrics.


It’s really great to see the girls of Blackpink progress since their debut. They used to be seen as YG Entertainment’s replacement for 2NE1, but since then, they’ve now grown into their own group with their own identity without all the strict comparisons. They as a group and individually have their own personalities and uniqueness.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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