SCREEN mode’s “Extreme Dreamer” EP review


Artist: SCREEN mode
Album: “Extreme Dreamer”
Label: Lantis
Year: 2015


I really got this EP because I loved the opening theme to Yatterman Night. I loved the song even more by the end of the series, and I actually had to do some research on who actually performed the theme song. Turns out SCREEN mode was the artist, and I had no problem getting the EP just to hear the song again.


I like JRock music especially if it’s for a specific anime series I happen to like or love. “Extreme Dreamer” really brought out the emotion of an anime series I really loved. “Bloody Rain” and “One!” were the other two songs on the short album which were pretty good. I liked those two songs and went well together with the lead single.


After “Extreme Dreamer”, I couldn’t find myself to love the other songs as much. They were pretty decent, but weren’t great. If it weren’t for them coming on after the lead single, I wouldn’t have listened to the other songs. I never actually intentionally select those songs to listen to.


I normally don’t listen to JRock music unless it’s from an anime series or if I am really familiar with the artist. I’m not too familiar with SCREEN mode, so I’ll give them more of a listen and eventually I’ll check out their other projects.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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