Roy Kim’s “Love Love Love” review


Artist: Roy Kim
Album: “Love Love Love”
Label: CJ E&M Music
Year: 2013


I first started hearing the music of Roy Kim at KCON a few years back. At first, I felt that it felt out of place since his music didn’t reflect most of the artists that were performing there. He didn’t have the typical idol sound and played his own instrument. After hearing his set, I was sold on his music as it was exactly what the event needed from the recurring artists that were already there. That prompted me to check out his music, and that’s how I ended up getting his LP, “Love Love Love”.


His music is unlike anything that’s out in KPop music. With the combination of moving lyrics, soothing voice, and the sweet stroke of the guitar, he is showing that dance skills and flashy outfits aren’t needed when it comes to making music. Sometimes we can’t be on 100 bpms all the time and need to tone it down.


I’ve told many people that are trying to listen to something else in the KPop genre that Roy Kim isn’t for everyone. His music is so calming that it’ll put you to sleep. Listening to his music while on the road is not ideal. I feel that his music is more for the mature adults than the growing adolescents. Once those that catch onto his music grow to love it, they would not regret it one bit.


Normally when we think of KPop music, we think of bubblegum pop, rushes of EDM, and hip-hop influenced music. We rarely think of the acoustic sounds with live instruments. Roy Kim has found success going against the grain which is a breath of fresh air in what could be perceived as a mundane genre. He is what the industry needs.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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