Dragon Ball Super (2015 anime) review


Series: Dragon Ball Super
Studio: Toei Animation
Year: 2015


Dragon Ball Super marks the first batch of stories featuring Goku and friends in 18 years and is set after the defeat of Majin Boo. As a fan of the previous different series, I really had to watch this one. There’s no reason to have to watch it besides it being part of the Dragon Ball franchise.

There are many plots during the course of its run. The first arc is the “Battle of Gods” arc where Beerus is known as the “god of destruction” who can destroy any planet at will in Universe 7. He wakes up from a long sleep and sees a prophecy where he must battle the legendary Super Saiyan God which ends up as Goku when he acquires the necessary requirements to become a Super Saiyan God with his hair becoming blue.

The next plot is the “Resurrection F” arc where Frieza returns from the dead to exact revenge against everyone on Earth. Frieza and his army attack Earth while Goku and Vegeta are training with Whis and Beerus.  Frieza also unleashes his Golden Frieza mode.

After that arc came Universe 6 vs Universe 7 with Beerus’ hand selected warriors including Goku and Vegeta against Beerus’ brother Champa’s team with their own talented fighters with a wager that made it a must win.

With the conclusion of that battle, Future Trunks came back in time to enlist the help of Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma to help restore humanity after Zamasu and Goku Black have taken over Trunks’ timeline.

The final arc was the “Tournament of Power” where it pit universes against each other in a free for all with each universe selecting their 10 best fighters. It’s a winner take all with the surviving team getting the Dragon Balls and not getting their universes erased.


Every arc was really good with each one offering something different. Almost every episode had some kind of fight scene and power-ups don’t require a full episode or more to happen. What I really liked was some of the new characters introduced like Beerus, Jiren, and Hit since they offered something different while classic characters like Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan still maintained that awesomeness that made many people love this series for many generations.

I loved all the arcs, but the “Tournament of Power” might be my favorite arc of all time across all the anime series I have ever watched. Each episode was packed with action and so much actually happened. Yes, Goku did a lot of work, but the entire team did their fair share. Do I even have to mention Goku’s Ultra Instinct mode?


Before I had actually watched Dragon Ball Super, I had actually watched the “Resurrection F” and “Battle of Gods” movies. Had I actually watched Super first, I could have easily skipped the movies since the movies were just condensed versions of each arc with some slight changes.


I really enjoyed Super. It reignited my love for all things Dragon Ball and made me like certain characters I may have overlooked in the past like Android 17 and Adult Gohan. It is the fastest I’ve ever finished watching something that was 100+ episodes. It had action, comedy, and so much more. It definitely is a well-rounded anime.

Overall rating: 5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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