Miwa’s “We Are the Light” EP review


Artist: Miwa
Album: “We Are the Light” EP
Label: Sony Music Records
Year: 2017


As I flew to Japan, one of the in-flight entertainment options was to watch a few music videos from various JPop and JRock artists. The one music video that caught my eye the most was one with a girl next door type of singer/songwriter with lots of choreography all around her which ended up being Miwa after looking up the credits. I was hooked instantly, and during my free time, I had to check out her music which brought me into a new world.


As the title track ended up becoming one of my favorite songs ever, the other song on this two-track album was “Drive Song” which was really good. What really caught my ear from Miwa was the wonderful guitar with the sweet, pleasant vocals.


This album only had two songs with the title track being the most superior of the two songs. It could have used another two or more songs.


Since coming back to America, Miwa is actually one of my favorite artists not just from the Japanese pop realm, but overall musically. Her music makes you feel motivated and encouraged. “We Are the Light” is one of those songs that can cheer me up at any moment and gives me all kinds of hope.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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