Bigbang’s “Tonight” EP review


Artist: Bigbang
Album: “Tonight”
Label: YG Entertainment
Year: 2011


As much as I enjoy some of the modern KPop music, there are a lot of it that I miss from the past. I knew I really enjoyed the music of Bigbang and thought I had a lot of it already, but it turns out that I actually didn’t have this EP. It blew my mind because some of the songs from this EP are songs I have heard before and enjoyed which is how I ended up with this blast from the past.


All songs from top to bottom are either hits or could easily be a hit had it been on any other album. Even the intro is better than a lot of singles I’ve heard in my lifetime. Besides the titled single, the other songs are amazing. “Hands Up” is my favorite song as it is the perfect first song of an album release while “Somebody to Love”, “What is Right”, and “Cafe” are tremendous additions to come after “Tonight”. All the contrasting voices and styles make for great music.


Well, this is a review for the basic version since the special edition had more songs. Fortunately, the other songs are found on other releases ranging from GD&TOP to Taeyang. The other releases would have made a difference since some of those songs are fantastic songs.

Although they started to experiment with an electronic sound, they went a little bit overboard, but somehow they made it work.


This extended play came out before I became a fan, but I did come across this EP during their “Alive” release and loved it. I love it even more today because it’s near flawless from top to bottom with pretty much all the songs being extremely good. It would get a perfect score had this been an LP release.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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