E-Girls’ “Lesson 1” review


Artist: E-Girls
Album: “Lesson 1”
Label: Rhythm Zone
Year: 2013


I started listening to this group when I stopped listening to KPop and started to shift my fandom towards JPop due to most of my favorite groups in the former genre disbanding. I wanted to find something fresh and new for me. I wanted to find something that would ignite the flame and give me the same excitement for music. I came across a few music videos which got me hooked, and the rest is history.


Although there are singles like “Follow Me, “One Two Three”, “Celebration”, “Candy Smile”, and “Just in Love”, there are some hidden songs you should consider too. Other songs I ended up loving include “Shiny Girls”, “Loving Bell”, and “Ready Go” so you don’t even need to hit the skip button. The rest of the album is loaded with catchy songs too.


If you’re a new fan or listener, it’ll take some time to get used to who is who when they’re singing as there are 10 singers total. The good thing is that no single song has all available singers. If you’re watching the music videos, it’ll take even longer to put faces with names as there are the singers and lots of performers especially since a lot is going on with the dancing and singing.


Because of E-Girls, I was able to be rejuvenated with music again. I was able to have a new favorite bias in Dream Ami, and I was able to love another group again at a hardcore level like I did years ago. Although the lineup has since changed with a reduced amount of individuals, I’ll never forget that this was the group that restored my joy and passion for music. This album has a lot of singles and songs one would enjoy.

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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