KCON LA 2018 presented by Toyota: Day 1


On August 10th, 2018, KCON made it back to the West Coast back to the Los Angeles Convention Center for the day one portion of KCON LA. People from all over the state of California, United States, and possibly the world came for this glorious event. Many changes were made to grow this phenomenon.

New changes included more opportunities to see idols, so frets if attendees didn’t get the artist engagement they wanted as many artists had stage time with some mini performances, made appearances at booths, and had meet and greets. Compared to 2017, there were more chances as multiple areas of the convention had idol meetings.

One of the brand new things was the introduction of the MNet subsidiary, M2. At this booth, they brought upon multiple idol groups to do photo opportunities and film a selfie music video. In this case, we were able to attend the Momoland one where they did both and involved the fans as many times as humanly possible.

There were also more opportunities than ever to show off dance moves as dozens and dozens of people came to work off a sweat by dancing to their favorite artists’ music. Dance contests, dance offs, and flash mobs became normal for attendees.

Speaking about opportunities, Stone Entertainment was there not only because some of their artists were scheduled to be guests of KCON LA, but they were also there to hold auditions for their agency. I was able to see that it was well run, and many people had the chance to test their luck to hopefully become idols too.

Obviously, the best things in life are free. Many booths gave out freebies like bags, beauty samples, fliers, coupons, and food samples. It was a definite yes to indulge in some of these things. A lot of people left the convention with more things than before they entered it.

With no concert set for this night, the main event for day one was Klub KCON. It was a dance party that expanded to the other half of the convention center with special guests like Dynamic Duo and Crush.

Although Staples Center isn’t active with performances this day, there were a ton of happenings inside the convention center. It was only day one, so the next two days should be filled with more things.

Written by: Timtastic

Momoland shooting a selfie music video at the M2 booth

Posted by Sturdy Pine on Thursday, September 6, 2018

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