Wasuta’s “Jumping Summer” EP review


Artist: Wasuta (aka The World Standard)
Album: “Jumping Summer” EP
Label: Idol Street
Year: 2018


What drew me to Wasuta and extended play was the fact that they had two singles in one mini album with the titled track “Jumping Summer” and “Tapioca Milk Tea”. Both songs are extremely catchy which prompted me to get this album due to having the singles stuck in my head. Who doesn’t like songs about milk tea and summer?


The song “Jumping Summer” is about the summertime while the following track, “Tapioca Milk Tea”, is not a metaphor for anything but actually about the love of milk tea. Both singles have that bubblegum pop sound which is natural for idol groups. “Platonic Girl” definitely is a turn away from that with its rock inspired feel. “Stand Alone Complex” is a song which definitely shows that they could sing with somewhat of a ballad feel but not quite. “Pretty Channel” brings us back to square one with a nice concluding song.


Although the songs are super catchy as heck, I don’t know how this group differs from other idol groups on Idol Street or many other similar idol groups in Japan. So far, I do like this group the most out of the entire Idol Street roster.


I really should go check out their previous efforts as this is my first review for this group. I’ll definitely go backwards and take a listen to their back catalog. So far, I like Wasuta because their songs are fun to listen to.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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