Dream’s “Darlin” EP review


Artist: Dream
Album: “Darlin” EP
Label: AVEX Music Creative Inc.
Year: 2014


I started off with E-Girls then worked towards some of the solo material, and now, I’m going backwards to catch some of the groups that are a part of E-Girls like Flower and Happiness. In this case, I’m checking out Dream’s “Darlin” EP from the year 2014.


Although “Darlin” was the lead single from this EP, the track stood out to me was “Unbelievable” as it was a very catchy pop song. “Wanna Wanna Go!” is a track that also stood out because it is very upbeat and cheerful

What made this album is the 50-50 fun songs to ballad ratio. Two songs are fun while the other two are songs that expresses the voices of Dream. The ballad songs are also fantastic and are easy on the ear as it’s not truly vocal heavy.


I think this EP was a few songs away from getting a higher score. “Darlin” also is an EP that may take a few additional listens to get accustomed to and to grow on the listener. It took me a few listens to truly love the album compared to “Only You” which captured my eardrums immediately.


Although it’s pretty much too late to be an active fan of theirs when they were active as a group, it’s great to hear what they had as they came up through Dream to being in E-Girls and finally, doing their own thing as individuals. Personally, I enjoyed what I listened in this extended play from Ami, Aya, Shizuka, and Erie.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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