Rainbow’s “Gossip Girl” EP review


Artist: Rainbow
Album: “Gossip Girl” EP
Label: DSP Media
Year: 2009


With so many artists in generation three of idols in KPop, I wanted to take it back to basics. So many artists come and go at an alarming rate, so it’s hard to keep up. I wanted to listen to artists, songs, and albums that were around when I initially got into the scene. Rainbow was one of those groups that I liked when I discovered the genre of KPop to the point where I tried to check out as much of their music as possible.


It’s one of those albums or in this case, an extended play, where the b-side songs are actually better than the titled track. The song that I really liked was “Kiss” since it was the catchiest song on the EP with that traditional pop feel. The other highlight song was “I Believe” since it had a bit of electronic touch.


I wasn’t a fan of the last track called “I Will Endure It” because it does sound like the kind of song that operators will put you on hold to. I already stated that “Gossip Girl” was a weak single and I still stand by it. “Not Your Girl” definitely sounded like a 4Minute song and didn’t sound like the song fit their mold which at this point is unknown.


“Kiss” was the reason why I liked this album initially as I was listening to streams of KPop and ran across this song. With a mixed feeling on this album, it’s clear that there was no clear direction for this group which is a bad thing considering it was around the beginning of generation two which was a race to see who would make it up the KPop mountain. They actually had the potential to be on the same level of Girls’ Generation, KARA, and Wonder Girls if they had strong releases for albums. If this album had a common theme, we’d get more of an idea what this group is all about.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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