Part-Time Spy (2017 Korean movie) review


Movie: Part-Time Spy
Studio: Storm Pictures Korea
Year: 2017
Country of origin: South Korea


They say never judge a book on its cover, but that’s exactly what I did. As I was looking up Korean movies to watch, I just decided to believe that I would enjoy this movie based off of the movie poster. I didn’t know any of the actors nor did I know any of the actresses. There weren’t any idols or people that I remember from the variety shows. I decided to trust that I was watching what looked like an action comedy.


Youngshil is a temporary agent for the National Security Agency who also works various other odd jobs to make ends meet. She was let go by Deputy Park but was ultimately brought back with the possibility of her becoming a full time agent due to him needing one after becoming a victim of a voice phishing organization. This organization prays on the weak and makes their money by scamming innocent people. She is to go undercover to take down this syndicate, but encounters another cop that’s also undercover. They must work together to take this illegal scam down even though they were both polar opposites.


I loved the character of Youngshil since she portrayed a character that way too many of us can relate to. She was a character that was down on her luck, trying to make ends meet, and is considered an ugly duckling. She didn’t have the best cop skills or undercover abilities, but what she did have were many random skills that she made useful and her kind charm.

Together with the character Jungan, they made for a really odd pairing as this character was one of the best cops, very beautiful, and has her life together. Both needed each other to succeed.


Some of the movie felt pretty corny, but shouldn’t be a bad thing since this movie knew what it was to begin with. I’d also say that it felt pretty long for being a cop comedy and the character development took a very long time. It took quite some time for the movie to officially start being funny.


I’d say that this is one of the better Korean comedies in terms of film I’ve seen. It does have elements of a buddy buddy cop comedy seen often in American cinema. It’s a fun popcorn movie. You could take this movie and put it in any country, and it would work. The jokes also can translate well to the Western audiences.

Overall rating: 4/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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