Cherry Bullet’s “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet” EP review


Artist: Cherry Bullet
Album: “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet” EP
Label: FNC Entertainment
Year: 2019


Usually when it comes to KPop groups, I wait to see how much they’ve accomplished until I decide to hop on the bandwagon. In this case, I wanted to hop on immediately. Quite a few people have hyped me up on this rookie group called Cherry Bullet with clips if their pre debut show. It wasn’t until the song “Q&A” was released where I became a fan since it was very catchy.


The stand out song of this EP is their debut single, “Q&A”. It’s an addicting debut song full of life and fun. Every member got a chance to shine. “Stick Out” was another song that continued the momentum of this release showing the charms of this rookie group.


The other two songs “Violet” and “Stick Out” were good but not great. I liked “Stick Out” more since it fit their current image of a cute debuting group with fun songs. “Violet” was just okay and didn’t do anything for me.  It’s one of those songs that would be better served for them once they gain a bit more traction and become more established where they’d need more diversity in their music.


I really do believe that they’re the next big thing in KPop. They have youth, charisma, and an international flair. Whether they’re part of the end of Generation 3 or the beginning of Generation 4 of KPop, the future is very bright especially since FNC Entertainment is banking on them a lot. It shows with the investment they’ve put into this group such as their music video. It’s interesting that FNC is going towards this direction since they’ve traditionally have been an idol band label.

Overall rating: 3.5/5
Reviewed by: Timtastic

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